Who is Sadashiva?

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March 9, 2017
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March 9, 2017
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Who is Sadashiva?

Know Who is Sadashiva

What the entertainment religions talk about as GOD (Generator, Operator, Destroyer) is the poor man’s version of Sadāshiva. The Ultimate has five aspects and not just three as commonly understood. If you understand all the 5 aspects of Generation, Operation, Destruction, Delusion, Liberation, you are made as an extension of Sadāshiva. To know who is Sadashiva you need to know all the 5 aspects.

If you don’t know Delusion and Liberation, even Generation, Operation, Destruction, you will not know. Tons of your questions regarding why, when, what of Generation, Operation, Destruction will not have an answer. You will be foolishly believing that few thousand years ago, one fine morning GOD woke up and made all this for few days and then He rested. This just means that, after all you made God in your own mould.

Sadashiva Made Us in His “See”

“Sadāshiva made all of us into HIS SEE.” If you do not understand all the 5 aspects and can grasp only this Generation, Operation, Destruction, you made God in your own mold.

Be careful. Are you worshiping man-made God or living as God made man? Worshiping man-made God is so called religions, and living as GODDEL-made man is Sanatana Hindu Dharma. For Sanatana Hindu Dharma, the ultimate is not G-O-D, Generator, Operator, Destroyer. No. Ultimate is G-O-D-D-E-L – Generator, Operator, Destroyer, Deluder and Liberator.

Are You Only Chatting with God?

If you don’t understand delusion, even your understanding about Generation, Operation, Destruction is too shallow, too poor. If you don’t understand, delusion and liberation, you are only chatting with God through the Facebook and you will be thinking profile picture is the real picture. Most of the time, it is not.  

Only if you know delusion and liberation, you are seeing Sadāshiva face to face. If not, it is like a relationship built through the Facebook and when you see face to face, you will be shocked.

Son was telling Dad, “I have 10 fake IDs in Facebook.” Dad said, “What’s the problem?, you can have it.” “No, the Shalini whom you invited for tonight’s dinner, is my fake ID.”

When you face Sadāshiva directly, be prepared to face HIM. If you are living with the idea of just G O D without Delusion and Liberation, when you face Him, this is what will be happening.

What Relationship do You Have with God?

The fake ID relationship is what is the relationship with G-O-D, without understanding delusion and liberation. Fake ID relationships are okay for time pass, entertainment, not for Enlightenment. Entertainment religions are different and Enlightenment religions are different.

If you know only G O D, it is photo shopped or shopped photo. The profile picture is photo shopped or shopped photo. It’s not real. Without understanding delusion and liberation, if you think you are chatting with God and relating with God, you are only relating with a fake profile ID, fake ID and fake profile picture.

It can be an entertainment not Enlightenment. When you come face to face, you will have a rude shock that you missed. Of course, sometime people prefer fake ID pleasure, fake profile picture pleasure because that provides for time pass.

Understand the Ultimate

Understanding various dimensions of the Universe. Understanding various aspects of the Ultimate is needed even to run your day-to-day life. You go on living as if the understanding about the Universe and life and the Ultimate is not required or relevant for your everyday life. For your everyday life, you only need to understand your boss and your wife, your job and your career. No. Understanding about the Universe and the Ultimate and you, is needed, even to handle your small headache. Otherwise you will not know the Source, you will go on, be perceiving lot of wrong things.

Know Who Is Sadashiva!

Don’t think if I know God, I know 60% of the GODDEL. No! It doesn’t work in that way. The 5 aspects do not mean 20-20-20-20-20 percent. No. If you don’t know delusion and liberation, you don’t know A B C D of God. If you don’t understand the delusion and liberation, you don’t know even know the A B C D of God. Till now you were chatting with the fake ID, fake profile picture.

You can make it, you can make it. You can cognize the Source material Sadāshiva, just because you are still alive. Still you are alive, means you are perceiving, you have decided ‘for life.’ You just need to know why you decided for life. If you know why you decided, what you decided, you are liberated. If you don’t know why you decided, what you decided, that is delusion.

Know Sadashiva. Know Life. Know Enlightenment.

Shaastra Pramaana

ahameva parohya’tma’ purus”ah ka’ran.am smr’tam&
ahameva param brahma’ aham jn”eyam anaks”aram || 13
sarve vina’s’aka’bha’va’ matta eva pr’thagvidha’h&
bha’va’bha’va vinirmuktah ahamekas’s’ivo avyayah || 14

Translation: “I am , indeed, the Supreme Self; I am the indweller in all the forms, Purusha, who is considered to be the source of all manifestations and evolutions; I am the Supreme and Absolute Reality; I am the one to be known by all and by all
means; I am imperishable; all those things which are perishable emerge only
from me as differentiated existents; I am completely free from the notion of
existence and non-existence; I am One; I am Siva; I remain indestructible,
even though I am pervading the perishable things”

— Sarvajnanottara Agama, Chapter 7, Verse 13-14

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