What is Will Persistence and Will Arrogance?

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April 28, 2017
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April 28, 2017
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What is Will Persistence and Will Arrogance?

What you desire in life is different from what you believe is going to happen in your life. What you desire will not manifest in your life, it is actually what you believe that will manifest in your life. For example, you desire wealth, health, name and fame, but you strongly believe all this will never happen in your life. You desire all this, but do you believe all this is going to manifest in your life? No. Most of us don’t, most of the time. It won’t manifest, because what you believe only manifests.

Desire & Belief Can Be Redundant

If this is bad news for you, if you feel, “Oh God! Then I don’t believe anything good. I always believe when it comes to bad things, I visualize so clearly and see that it is possible for me, it is going to happen. When it comes to good things, I can’t even imagine; even if I push my visualization, it is not clicking.” There is good news for you: Desire and belief – both can be redundant, can be made irrelevant, by the conscious will.

This is applicable for everything in your life. You may be believing your life is negative, you may be desiring to have your life be more positive, but you can bring your will and make both redundant and manifest the life you want. This is the science of Sadāshiva, this is Living Enlightenment. Your will, Ajna, is powerful enough to make your desire and belief both redundant. All you need is will persistence.

What is Will Persistence?

I wanted you to know, when I say the word ‘will persistence,’ I do not mean you need to sit for years and years and years. It is a simple decision of more persisting. Will persistence means the decision not to give up on you, decision not to give up on your intention to be.
There are only two parts in your inner space. One is will persistence, and the other one is giving up. Either you give life to the thought current of giving up or to the will persistence. Your decision to give life only to will persistence and not to give life to the giving up thought current, is all I call will persistence.

The truth is, it’s too easy. Because you are giving life to ‘giving up’ thought current rather than persistence, that is when it becomes complicated. It is like you create a terrorist group for some purpose, and then you send your army to kill them. The world will never have peace. In your inner space you do the same political game. For right or wrong reasons, for good or bad, you support ‘giving up’ pattern. You cherish it sometimes, without even you yourself knowing. Only when you are about to fail, collapse, you wake up: “oh, not this, not this”.

Are You Trying Half Heartedly?

Will arrogance means trying half-heartedly, failing, and then blaming yourself, you can never achieve it. A vicious circle is will arrogance, a virtuous circle is will persistence. Will persistence means, deciding – whatever happens I am not going to give up till my intention to be becomes a reality. NOTHING can stop me. If my intention to be is Shivoham, till that happens, I am not going to give up. I am going to be persisting.

Whatever may be your intention to be, the moment you decide for will persistence, you will see so much of healing and powerfulness. Your own voice that is sitting inside you, and constantly teasing you, pulling you down, disrespecting you, abusing you, will just melt down. You don’t have any other enemy other than your will arrogance voice from inside.

All your failures, whether you failed in your own sadhana, spiritual practice, or your failed in your prayers, you failed in your efforts, you failed in situations, relationships, life – everything is will arrogance. If you understand, by it’s nature will arrogance cannot become reality, only will persistence can become reality, so much of healing will happen inside you.

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