Why Does an Avatar happen?

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July 2, 2017
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July 3, 2017
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Why Does an Avatar happen?

Evolution happening to the next level is the natural law of life. Not allowing that natural evolution in our day to day life is called ‘pattern’. For example, naturally in this age this should be my ambition. If you’re young, if you’re not liberal, you don’t have heart. After 40, still if you are liberal, you don’t have brain. These are all the natural evolution happening to us, and should be happening to us. Too many people not letting the natural evolution to happen, is Cosmic pattern.

“Whenever an individual is stuck with individual pattern, Guru appears in his life to break that pattern and liberate him.
Whenever the universe is stuck with universal pattern, an Incarnation appears to break that and liberate the universe.”

What Does an Avatar Do?

An Incarnation’s job is breaking the wrong models and patterns and setting the right trend. For example, 100 people are living in a community, 80 people are very responsible, only 20 people are not responsible, we can enjoy their irresponsibility as cuteness – from morning till night, they just sit, eat and sleep, and do not do anything. But if that becomes 80, it is no more cute, it becomes weight. When it becomes weight and even after it becomes weight, they’re not ready to change that pattern, it becomes a strong thought current, it becomes too much. Then, there is no other way, either the pattern or the persons who are not ready to give up that pattern, need to be eliminated. That thought current and the model need to be eliminated, otherwise the planet Earth cannot survive.

An example from the Mahabharata: The Descent of Lord Krishna

During Mahabharata time, too many people were stuck in a pattern called ‘trying to grab without working for it’, ‘Anything I see is mine, I do not need to work for it’, extreme consumerism. The extreme consumerism was becoming a mainstream thought current and it was becoming a strong pattern, where the production has dropped more than 90%, but the need, demand, greed and the grabbing in any method was becoming a lifestyle. So, Krishna came to break that pattern and reduce the load on the planet. If you see, the main thought current during the whole Mahabharata war was, trying to have without working for it, without taking responsibility for it.

In the whole Mahabharata, many of the people who were killed in the war, they themselves have openly declared, that it is better to die than to give up this pattern. Whether it is Duryodhana, Karna, Bhishma, or Drona, all of them declared it is better to die, because they knew there is death waiting, death become a better choice for them than transformation. It is more or less mass suicide. The whole Sena (army), including Bhishma, Drona and Karna, everyone who was standing on Duryodhana’s side, all of them knew Krishna is an Incarnation, that they are on the wrong side and can’t win against Krishna.

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