The Power of Initiation

Know Who is Sadashiva
Stop feeding your Ego with Competition
March 9, 2017
Know Who is Sadashiva
Who is Sadashiva?
March 9, 2017
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The Power of Initiation

The Upanishad says, “The person who is initiated, for him whole world is Heaven.”

We must understand the word “initiation”. Initiation means a ‘click’ happening in you. When a Master expresses the truth, if a click happens in you, and if you feel you have previously thought about whatever He is speaking, but it is now being verbalized, initiation has happened. That is the scale to measure whether initiation has happened or not. If initiation happens, the whole world is heaven. If initiation is not happening, then the whole world is hell.

Initiation means the great truths. “Manthrayathe” are the words which lead you to the truth; the clear path which leads you to the truth. If it is experientially transmitted, with at least one glimpse, then initiation has happened. When I use the word initiation, many doubt: “I am already initiated by some Guru. Can I have initiation? If I get initiated, can I go to some other Guru and learn something?” Everything is perfectly alright. I always tell people, go to all gardens and pluck flowers and make a beautiful garland for you. It’s not like shop where if you come here you shouldn’t go there. Our ego is such, if it is beaten by many Gurus, only then it will die. It won’t die just by something which you learn from one person. So, nothing is wrong with receiving initiation from multiple Gurus.  Learn all best things from all sources and enrich your life. Initiation is no way connected to any of the old understanding you may have about initiation. Initiation is just transmitting the authentic experiential clarity into your inner space.

The truths, ideas or words that bring you out of tiredness, low mood, or depression, and give you energy, confidence, and life, those truths are known as “Shastra Shashtas” (knowledge weapons). The truths which not only bring you out of the depression, but destroy the source of depression once for all, are called “mantra”. “Manthrayathey ithi manthraha” means “the words which show the path for human beings are mantra”.  

Any mantra, if it comes from the Enlightened, experienced inner space, you will not know why, or how, but you will see, it clicks; you find it to be true. Even though one part of your logic continues to fight because if you accept the truth and start expressing it in your life, many of your vested interests and many things which you thought as life are at stake. That part of you may continue to fight, but your being, your core, will have that click. These doubts in the corner of your mind can be a confusion or a disturbance, but still, your very core feels connected to the truth. If that happens to you, it is called “initiation”.  Initiation does not mean chanting some special mantra in your ears or doing something special. It means making you experience a solid truth, and giving you a clear inner space and confidence to live the truth. 

Shaastra Pramaana

yathā kūrmaḥ svatanayāna dhyānamātreṇa poṣayeta ।

vedhadīkṣopedeśaśca mānasaḥ syāt tathāvidhaḥ ॥ 37 ॥

śaktipātānusāreṇa śiṣyo’nugrahamarhati ।

yatra śaktirna patati tatra siddhirna jāyate ॥ 38 ॥

Translation: Merely by remembrance on the part of the Guru, proficient in the vedha (the subtle impact), the disciple has his incompletions severed; this is highly intense initiation, tīvratarā dīkṣā. Released from external activity, the disciple falls instantly. As per the Śaktipāta, the descend of the grace from the Guru, (which is the entanglement in Oneness with him), a divine state arises in the disciple and he comes to know everything.

In the Kulārnava Tantra, caturdaśa ullāsa (14th chapter), Sadāshiva reveals to Devī, the glory and secrets of the power of dīkṣā, initiation from the Guru, who is Sadāśiva incarnate. He also explains about the śaktipāta.

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  1. […] Paramahamsa Nithyananda had a vision of Sri Yantra, the DNA of the entire Cosmos, and Darshan (divine vision) of Devi (Cosmic Mother) at the age of ten. 18 years later Paramahamsa Nithyananda revealed this experience as the first time he ever had access to the cosmic archives. He saw the vision of the Brahmanda, the Cosmos itself. With his Nithyananda Gurukul students and a few Nithyananda Yogam (a program offered) participants once present around him, he narrated this story once again and explained how the vision happened to him. He asked for the Sri Chakra and the deity to be brought out and shown to everyone. Each of them took turns to marvel at the result of the darshan that Paramahamsa Nithyananda had. They bowed down to the chakras and the deity of Devi. With Jnana Anjana (knowledge eyeliner) lining their waterline and decorating their Third Eye already, He began the initiation. […]

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