Introduction to Pure Oneness

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March 9, 2017
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March 9, 2017
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Introduction to Pure Oneness

Oneness is not one. Please understand, Oneness should not be equated to one. This understanding is very important. Oneness is experienced. Oneness is God, God is not one. The non-dual consciousness, with everyone, everything, please listen, the non-dual consciousness with everyone and everything is the purpose of life. And the oneness you experience in the non-dual state cannot be equated to one. When you try to equate that oneness to one, all the mess-ups start, dilution, destruction, delusion starts, then the fight whether one or two or many starts. A very important thing you need to know, whether in Advaitha or Visishta Advaitha or Dwaitha, Oneness only is experienced. But when you try to equate that Oneness to one and establish a system, theory, instead of establishing a process, you mess up the whole thing.

All the religions which talk about God is one, One God theory, are not leading you towards Oneness of God. So, I am not accepting the concept that God is one, or the theology  that God is one; but, I am very clear, the fact, that reality is: God is Oneness.

The moment you utter the word “One”, it has become complete political structure; only one person can be authority!  The “second” always threatens the “One”, “first”!  So, insecurity between these two!  It goes on and on and on.  No!  “Oneness”!  It is because of the “Oneness”, Sanatana Hindu Dharma can live with any number of gods and goddesses! The deepest level of Existence is “Oneness”.

Oneness is the Cosmic Currency

There is one culture, one principle common, to the whole 14 planes and 11 dimensions of the Universe. The whole Brahmanda, if you develop this one principle in you, you have a Cosmic currency, you will not have shock in any of these planes, any transition into any plane.  In any Loka, any transition, this one principle will not allow any fear, will not allow any cultural shock. It is like you have Cosmic currency, that principle is ONENESS.

If you start building the depth of Oneness in you, cognition of Oneness in you, even your struggles will liberate you. If you feel you are missing something in life, lacking something in life, which most of you have, even that, look from the angle of Oneness. Till you get your Oneness back, you will always feel something missing.

Understand, anything you have, attend from Cosmic Oneness. Even if you are struggling with it, that currency will be useful for you, when you go through the Cosmic transition. If you have organized, any of your problems, with the cognition of Cosmic Oneness – One, you will solve, but even before you solving it, you have made it sacred. The problem is no more, a mundane problem. It is a sacred problem. The moment, even your loneliness, is aligned to the Cosmic Oneness, it is no more, problem of missing. It should be named as vyākulata, yearning. Yearning for the Oneness.

What You Lack is Cosmic Oneness

Everything you feel you lack, is only Cosmic Oneness. If you understand, as long as, I have not achieved the Cosmic Oneness, everything I have, everything I think I can have, cannot remove that emptiness from me. If you understand this, if you cognize this, your loneliness problem, is now aligned to the Cosmic Oneness. Afterwards, one day you will solve it, one day you may not solve it, you will be struggling, whatever happens. The problem has become sacred now. When the problem has become sacred, naturally you will experience Oneness and solve the problem. The feeling of loneliness will be completed.

In every level, understand in every level, whether you are feeling not having enough money, it is nothing but not having enough of resources to do what you want. Even that, the moment you start looking at that issue from the Cosmic Oneness, “Why I am not having enough? Because of my delusory, illusory separation.” Let me look into, the lack of resources, from the angle of Cosmic Oneness. You will have resources you want, that is one. Even till the time, you will be manifesting the resources you want, the problem has become sacred, it will not damage you anymore. It will not be hurting you anymore. It will not be making you powerless anymore. It will not be putting you in depression any more. It will not make your muscles weak, it will not make your life, powerless.

Make Your Problems Sacred

Whenever you look at any of your problem from the Cosmic Oneness cognition, one – the problem will be solved. Second, even till you solve the problem, it has become sacred, so it will not make you powerless anymore. Your problems can be made powerless immediately, the moment you start shooting the arrows, from the shoulders of Oneness. Like Rama sitting on the shoulder of Hanuman and shooting the arrow. The moment you sit on the shoulder of Oneness and start shooting the arrows, the problem cannot make you powerless anymore. Your missing cannot be messing. If you do not understand, what you are missing, you start messing your life and other’s life.

what is pure oneness

Solve Everything from Oneness

The basic understanding you want to have, you should have, you need to have and you can have – is handling everything from your ONENESS space. When you sit with somebody of that incompletion, see what is happening in your muscles, in your inner space. Just observe what is happening. One part of you, is agitated about you, is only the irritation and incompletion you carry about others. Listen, one part of you, is agitated about you, incomplete about you, is only the incompletion you experience with somebody externally.

Look at everything from the space of Cosmic Oneness. If you are sitting with somebody, with whom you are just melting, you are literally drooling, just see, there is some extraordinary comfort in your system and if you start enjoying that, even without that person being there, you will be in that space. Elongation of ecstasy, reduction of suffocations, both is possible, the moment you look at your life, from the space of Oneness.

Every problem, look from the angle of Oneness. Oneness is Cosmic principle. Shuddhadvaita is the Cosmic principle, that is the spindle on which this 11 Dimensions and 14 planes, rotate.

Oneness is a Power

This “Oneness” is so subtle, so subtle, listen, you can only smell it.  You cannot grasp it.  You cannot grab it.  You can neither grab, not even grasp.  You can only smell it.

When you smell Oneness between you and the persons about whom you are always afraid, the moment oneness is smelt, suddenly the whole fear is bulldozed!  Same way, the moment you smell Oneness between you and the people with whom you entertain, cherish greed, love, lust, possessiveness, all that, suddenly all of that will be blasted, bombarded!  I am not saying you will become a dry, insensitive being.  No!  From sensitivity you will move to sensibility.  Your sensitivity will be very sensible!  A sensible sensitivity!  Out of the powerfulness of “Oneness”, whether you show love or anger, it will become power for the other person who is receiving.  Out of powerlessness, whether you show love or anger, whatever, it will lead the other person to powerlessness. If you want to be established in powerfulness, the best technique is – meditate on “Ekam”, “Oneness.”

Oneness with Mahadeva

There is oneness between you and Mahadeva.  The great news is: He is waiting to make you, give you that experience, understand?  The good news is: There is oneness between you and Mahadeva.  The great news is: He is waiting to give that experience to you!  When you cognize Mahadeva, don’t cognize him as your competitor.  People think, ‘If I say I am Shiva, maybe he will be hurt.  He will ask: What?  You have become that qualified or what?  You have started telling “Shivoham”!’  No!  He will say, ‘Dear, start telling “Shivoham”.  I will make you qualified.’  He is not going to demand Entry Ticket and qualification certificate to give you the experience of Shivoham.  He is only going to say, ‘Start.  I will give you the qualification.’

So, cognize always Mahadeva as a person who is sitting, encouraging you to start, and he will give you the experience.  Don’t cognize him as a rough person, sitting, ‘Oh, you have become qualified?  You started telling “Shivoham”?  Even Narayana has not yet achieved that experience!  You think you will achieve?’  No!  He is not there to tell that, and he is not that type, I am telling you!   I am telling you the truth as it is.  When you say “Shivoham” and unable to maintain that powerful space and fall, he will only come and tell, ‘Don’t bother.  Repeat more and more, cognize more and more, behave, act, live, more and more like Shivoham.’  There will be some part hypocritical.  There will be some kind of hypocrisy in the initial level.  Don’t bother.  Start.  That will be aligned!

So, understand, he is here to make you experience him, because oneness between you and him is Consciousness, understand?  He is waiting to have you as part of him.  He is waiting to receive you to be with him.  He is waiting for you.  You don’t even need to knock on the door.  Go near the door; it is open!  He is standing to receive you!  The very idea “door is locked and you need to knock” is a stupid idea given to you!  And you started believing it, because, you never went near the door!  From a distance you assume the door is locked, you have to knock.  No!  Go near.  It is open!  He is standing there to receive you!


Shaastra Pramaana

nirasya va’sana’sarva’h a’tma tr’pto nira’mayah&
advaita bha’vana’yuktas sada’tma’nam upa’sayet || 16


Having dispelled all the impressions lingering in the mind, being with contended
heart, being free from the three impurities – anava, karam and maya – and firmly
rooted in the unassailable notion of non-duality, the sadhaka should always
meditate on his own Self which is in total identity with the Supreme Self.

— Sarvajnanottara Agama, Vidya Pada, Chapter 7, Verse 16

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