Your Introduction to Inner Awakening

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April 28, 2017
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April 28, 2017
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Your Introduction to Inner Awakening

The duration from the time you hear about Inner Awakening® to the time you walk into your first session of Inner Awakening® is your introduction to Inner Awakening®. During this time, I need to know whether you are really interested in attending Inner Awakening® or not. I don’t want you to come here and say that you just casually thought you should come. Before coming here, I want your logic, emotion, being; whatever energies you have, to be convinced. Everything must be convinced that you need it and want it.

The Part that Seeks, Gets it

Whichever part of you wants it, only for that part I can give it. If your body wants it, I can give it to your body. If your logic wants it, I can give it to your logic. If your breadth wants it, I can give it to your breadth. If your depth wants it, I can give it to your depth. Only whichever part wants it, I can give it to that part.

The Test for a Crown Prince

A small story: A king had built a huge fort. He did not have a child, so he wanted a successor; Yuvaraja (crown prince). So, he declared to the whole country, whoever opens the door of the fort with his bare hands will be the next Yuvaraja. ‘Fort, door, bare hands’ …. Not even one fellow in the country even thought of coming. So, it went on and on, almost for 20 days, but nobody turns up. One fine morning one man comes and challenges the king, “I will open it”, and the whole country laughs at him. The king says “try”. He builds his body, he plans it out, puts in all the effort and energy, as if this is the last moment he is going to live. He just takes himself to his peak, and from a distance runs as fast as he can. The moment he hits the door, suddenly the door opens. Never anybody imagined, including this guy, that the door would open like that. Even he was shocked, what kind of a fort it was. With bare hands, he opened it. He looks at the king. The king says beautifully; “I closed the door, but did not lock it”.

What You Need to To Do

This is exactly the word I am giving for you guys. Because Yuvaraja needs initial enthusiasm as his bio-memory, that basic test I must do. To do the basic test, I close the door, but never lock it. I close the door, but never lock it. If you are tired, and have decision fatigue, you are the one who is laughing among the countrymen, without trying. It is time now. Run and hit that door, I promise, I did not lock it. I have not locked it.

All the obstacles you face for coming to Inner Awakening®, is an introduction to Inner Awakening® to you. All the obstacles you face; money, spouse, time, convincing others, convincing yourself. That is the introduction to Inner Awakening® to you.

It is time for you to push the door, nothing else. If the door is completely open, you don’t have the curiosity to go in and see. You never like going in and see, you feel, “oh, it is going to be open forever”, and you take it for granted. For your whole life you will never go in and see.

What You Will Get

Come in. Experience and manifest the space and powers of Sadashiva. At Inner Awakening®, with completion, your physical circuit will manifest Sadashivatva; with heavy yoga (800 asanas, mallakhamba, rope yoga) your physiological circuit will manifest Sadashivatva; with manifesting powers, your psychological circuit will manifest Sadashivatva; with spiritual alchemy products, your neurological circuit will manifest Sadashivatva.

You will enter Inner Awakening® with the cognition that you are a human being. In 21 days, your cognition will be, “I am Sadashiva”. You will be the divine walking the planet.

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