Can Any One God Be Supreme?

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June 27, 2017
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June 27, 2017
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Can Any One God Be Supreme?

The idea of one God is a limited and retarded understanding. The future is for those religions who understand and live the truth of Infinite Gods with Infinite Intelligence and powers.

The statement “my God is the supreme” is nothing but saying “I am supreme”. We use our own ego and project it on God. God is just our projection. It will be too obvious if we tell directly that “I am superior”; then immediately the other person will come for a war. We don’t have time for immediate war. So, how to declare this in a very diplomatic way? “My god is superior” is declaring this in a very diplomatic way.

Isha Nishta as Per Vedic Tradition

The whole, if you analyze thoroughly, the whole Hindu tradition, the beauty is the whole whether it’s Upanishads, Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Saktha, or Ganapadya, all the Sampradayas (living traditions) and Paramparas they give importance to Ishta nishta. Ishta is a Sanskrit word and means “subjective”. Nishta means “faith” in Sanskrit. Ishta nishta means ‘Your God is the ultimate, and all the energies come out from it, but you do not have any right to disturb somebody else’s feeling their Ishta is the highest.’

Rudrabhishek at Bengaluru Adheenam

For example, if it is a Shiva temple, Shiva will be ultimate. All the believers of Shiva will be worshiping him. In Jagannath temple, Shiva is the guardian. If you see, both Brahma and Shiva stand outside as guardians. In Thiruvannamalai temple, Brahma searches Shiva’s head and Vishnu searches Shiva’s feet. Both Ishta nishta and the universality of the supreme principle co-existed in Hindu Sampradaya.

Our Ishta nishta was never allowed to become fanaticism. If I go into more details and Shaastra Pramana, it is very clearly declared that you have all the right to see your Ishta as the source of all the gods and goddesses. Shaastra pramana means the truths about the universe which is declared in the Vedic scriptures. Shaastra Pramana is applicable to everybody. But Ishta nishta, you do not have a right to put this as the ultimate truth on others. It is very clear. We call it subjective truth. It is a truth for the subject.

Divine is beyond Form

Ultimately, all Sampradayas including Shaiva, Vaishnava, Shakta, all Sampradayas agree that Divine is beyond any form. It is for our devotion that he assumes the form. Like water has no solid form but when the cool breeze happens on the water, it takes the shape of ice. Similarly, our devotion gives this form. Behind this, the source has no form. Source is beyond form; our devotion gives this form. Even the greatest devotee knows that the form with which he is worshipping will lose its form, when he loses his form.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda Performing Puja

As long as I have this form, I need a form to relate with. At one point, both the forms will merge into the source. We call this Jnana Varishta Bhakti. Even a common villager in Hindu tradition will have this Jnana Varishta Bhakti. You will see many gods in his puja room. I should say the future of the humanity is not for ‘one god’ religions, it is for either many god or all god religions.
Higher Understanding: Infinity Infinity

With many god or all god religions, not only there can be no conflict, there can be even higher understanding evolving. Higher understanding means ‘each of the god is infinitely powerful, potential, and this infinity is not bound by only one’. Infinite infinities. Even the one god religions also accept infinity of that one god, infinity of the one god is a mentally retarded theory. How can infinity be only one?

Infinite can only be Oneness, not one.

‘Infinity is One’ is Self Conflicting!

‘Infinity of one’ is a self-conflicting, mentally retarded theory. Infinity is the peak conception, visualization fantasy of logic, length dimension. When somebody’s logic is very very deep and broad, the highest he can grasp is infinity. Unfortunately, with his whole energy having been sucked by the intellect, he has grasped the infinity, but his heart is left with no energy. That is why he did not grasp that infinity is infinity, not one. When we don’t have heart, and only head, we consume ‘infinity is only one’. When we have enough head and enough heart, we understand ‘infinity infinity’.

Only ‘infinity infinity’ has future.

Shaastra Pramaana

yadeva nis”kalam jn”a’nam s’a’s’vatm dhr’vam avyayam&
nivikalpam anirdes’yam hetu dr’s”t’a’nta varjitam&& 6
alin’gam aks”aram s’a’ntam vis”aya’ti’ta gocaram&
avibha’vyam asandehyam tadaham na’tra sams’ayah&& 7

Translation: That which is formless, which is of the nature of supreme consciousness, which is
eternally existing, which is in eternal abode , which is eternally
free from the constricting bonds, which is free from mutations, which is
indescribable, which is beyond the possibilities of illustrative reasons and
parables, which is beyond the classification of genders( male,female and
neuter), which is indestructible, which is free from likes and dislikes, which
is absolutely beyond the knowable and definable existents, which is inconceivable
and whose transcendental existence cannot be doubted is really Myself. There is
no doubt about this identity.

— Sarvajnaottara Agama, Chapter 2, Verse 6-7


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