Science of Sadashivoham

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March 9, 2017
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Science of Sadashivoham

From human to Divine!

A human being is a seed; a great possibility. You have that being in you which is a great possibility for experiencing and manifesting Sadashivatva. Sadashiva has revealed the science of moving from seed to radiating Sadashiva in the Vedagamas – “Sadashivoham”. As a direct representation of Sadashiva, I am making this science available for all of you.

Sacred Secrets

Let me share some of the fundamental sacred secrets.
The individual consciousness (Jeeva) you have, goes through 25 states of consciousness, not just the three you recognize every day – deep sleep, dream and waking state.

The world around you (Jagat) exists in 11 dimensions, not just the length, breadth, depth, and time that you normally relate to.
The supreme (Ishwara) that you normally refer to as GOD, has 5 aspects and not just Generation, Operation, and Destruction as you understand.
Let me elaborate a bit on each one of the above statements:


Jeeva (individual soul) has a possibility of 25 states of consciousness. Waking state, dream state, deep sleep state – when these states criss-cross each other, means, when dream overlaps with the deep sleep state, or waking state overlaps on dreaming state, or dreaming state overlaps on waking state, like a criss-crossing, these 3 states when they criss-cross they make 9 spaces. When dream enters into your waking state, it is nightmare; when waking state enters into dream state, it is day-dreaming.
The other two states are the state of ‘all possibilities’ (Turiya) and being ‘all powerful’ (Turiyatita). The criss-cross of all these 5 states put together creates 25 states of consciousness.

25 states of consciousness an individual goes through, if you understand that, most of the sufferings you go through in your life will become irrelevant to you. Those sufferings do not have existence, they merely are make-believe existence.


The modern-day so-called science is able to understand only 4 dimensions, length, breadth, depth and time. But the ancient science, the Sanatana Hindu Dharma elaborately describes the 11 dimensions and the beings that exist in the 11 dimensions.

Length, breadth, depth, time and space – these are the 5 unit dimensions. The permutation and combination of these 5, length-breadth with time-space, breadth-depth with time-space, length-depth with time-space, the various permutations combinations of these 5 basic dimensions forms 11 dimensions of the universe.

Knowledge and understanding, even if it is intellectual, knowledge and understanding of these 11 dimensions makes many of the sufferings caused by others and the sufferings you cause to others, redundant. Only a person who understands 11 dimensions of the universe can be non-violent, can be really non-violent, Ahimsa.


The 5 aspects of Sadashiva, supreme Reality, Ishwara are
Rejuvenation (Destruction)
Delusion and

Supreme cannot be just be G-O-D, Generator-Operator-Destroyer. The Supreme as per Sanatana Hindu Dharma, Bhagawan, Brahman, Sadashiva, cannot be translated by the word God. The western definition of God is Generator-Operator-Destroyer, only 3 aspects. The Hindu understanding of Supreme Reality is Generator-Operator-Destroyer-Deluder and Liberator.

The major 2 aspects of life unfortunately was never grasped anywhere else, other than this Saraswati-Ganges civilization. Only the Saraswati-Ganges civilization understood the world beyond seen. If you don’t understand delusion, you can’t understand beyond the 4 dimensions, you can’t understand Reality in its completion. God is not Sadashiva, may be I can contribute to a new word – “GODDL.”

Purpose of Sadashivoham

The individual consciousness which goes through 25 states of consciousness and 5 aspects of Supreme Sadashiva (GODDL), 11 dimensions of Universe, Jagat, if you do not understand these, they form a Maya Matrix in which you’re caught. If you understand, not only you have the knowledge, you have the POWER to play with them.

Knowledge brings power to play with them. Understanding this Maya Matrix experientially and realizing the state of Sadashiva, that you are the source of this Maya Matrix, experiencing the state of Sadashiva, expressing the expressions, state, and manifesting the powers of Sadashiva, is the purpose of Sadashivoham.

O Humanity, I have the science revealed by Sadashiva. Only an incarnation can decode and make it user-friendly. Others at best can give you a translation. Come to Nithyananda Peetham, Bengaluru Adheenam, my home, to experience Sadashivoham and fulfill your life purpose. When you experience Sadashivatva, you will feel at home wherever you are. You will not only manifest Sadashivatva, you will enable others to manifest their Sadashivatva.

Watch this video to learn more:


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