Create the Right Relationship With Wealth

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April 28, 2017
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June 27, 2017
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Create the Right Relationship With Wealth

create the right relationship with wealth

Wealth means having the resources in the inner world and outer world available for you to fulfill what you feel as your life’s purpose. Here, I am not restricting wealth to the zeros added in your bank balance and to the infrastructure available to you.

Connection Between Wealth and Integrity

If you introspect, you may find that if some wealthy person behaves egoistically or arrogantly, you think, ‘If I have wealth, I will also become like that! Let me not have wealth.’ You start hating wealth. You start living without wealth because you are afraid you may become egoistic or arrogant if the wealth comes to you.

With integrity, you will first build the right relationship with wealth. You will not have fear. One of the important lessons you need to learn. You always think people without integrity get wealth. ‘I am with integrity; that is why I don’t get wealth.’ No! You are wrong! Only people with integrity will be able to get and live, celebrate it. People without integrity, even if they have, it will be in the Swiss bank. They know only the zeros! Wealth created with integrity brings fulfillment to you and your life’s purpose.

How Responsibility Helps You Manifest Wealth

If you look in, you will see you have greed for wealth, but you are not ready to take the responsibility which comes with wealth. To acquire wealth, you need to take up responsibility. To celebrate wealth, to celebrate its existence, you need to take up some responsibility. To spend wealth, you need to take up some responsibility.

Fear of responsibility and greed for wealth always goes hand-in-hand. We keep our greed, thinking one day this egg will hatch. Understand, if the egg is broken from outside, a life is destroyed. Life is killed! Possibility is over! If the egg is broken from inside, life happens! Life comes out! If you take up the responsibility inside, for your greed, you break the egg from inside; life happens; wealth happens; expansion happens. If you are just keeping the greed, you have not taken the responsibility, then fear will attack from outside and break the egg.

Most of the time your relationship with wealth is not taking responsibility to make it reality. It is more like, ‘Let me just have fantasy about you and live in it!’ It is not that you want to take the responsibility of making it as a reality in your life. You just want to keep the wealth as a fantasy of your life. Once in a while, when the reality is too harsh, you just want to have the fantasy as a lubrication to make you run.

Wealth is Lakshmi, fulfilling!

Vedic tradition was never against wealth. It is against the fantasy about wealth; you not taking the responsibility with wealth; responsibility of the wealth. Have the right relationship with wealth – your relationship with wealth should be stable, responsible relationship, not just fantasy flirting. If you want wealth in your life, you should be able to take the responsibility for the wealth. You should be able to take the responsibility to make it, live it and celebrate it.

~ H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda

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