The Antidote for Boredom

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June 27, 2017
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The Antidote for Boredom

what to do when you are bored - align your life to enriching

First statement I want to make: enriching takes away your tiredness and boredom. With enriching, the important principle of not giving up on on you and not giving up on others becomes a lifestyle in you. Constantly, again and again, with enriching yourself, inspiring yourself, the possibility for transformation is open. I tell you, when you decide to enrich others, life just pours itself on you. The moment you decide your life is for others, there is a big shift in the way you think, act and live. Even if you are continuing the same business, the way you work is different, your response is different, and above all, your profits are higher. Enriching is you taking responsibility, with integrity and authenticity, that you are committed to continuously enriching; to expanding yourself and others in and around you.

Are You Bored of You?

When you decide to enrich yourself and others, even in your own business, you will feel life is fresh and new. It will not be boring, it will not be tiring. When you are bored, whatever you do to cover the boredom or the tiredness, makes others tired and bored of you. If you see in your life that people are bored of spending time with you, if you cognize with this, then you must be bored of you. You must be bored of you, and because you are bored of you, anything you do to cover that makes people bored of you. Boredom and tiredness can be life imprisonment; it can just stay inside you and can stop you doing anything new in your life. The highest level of boredom is happening in people who are constantly working in mind without these 4 principles.

Antidote to boredom is enriching

Enriching is Eternal Life Fuel

Let your principles of reviving you be enriching you and enriching others; not just ‘zeroes’ in your bank balance. Every day the ‘zeroes’ in your bank balance or the jealousy with your competitors is making you run. You will become tired and sick. If the principle of enriching you and enriching others makes you run, it is eternal fuel. You are like a solar-equipped vehicle. If jealousy and greed is the reason, the fuel for your vehicle, you’re running on petrol. Any day we may dry out. Your car cannot move, you are working on non-renewable energy source. If the principle of enriching yourself and enriching others is the fuel for you; I tell you, you are working on renewable life sources, renewable energy sources. You are like car which runs in solar power. You will never stop, you will run forever.

Align Your Life to Enriching

Align everything you do towards enriching. Enriching should not be part of your life; it should be your LIFE! So understand, every action, from the moment you wake up till you fall asleep, align everything to enriching. See, your office may pay you the money to take care of your expense; that is different; but what actions you are doing should be only aligned to enriching. Even if you take salary, it can be enriching. Anything which is enriching, only that should be done. Almost all of our mainstream jobs can be enriching. Do it with the spirit of enriching; you will not find the tiredness and fatigue of work. You will not rush to home Friday evening. You will not be waiting for Friday afternoon. Bring the clarity, cognition of enriching! Don’t do anything if you are not convinced it is enriching. Let your whole life be aligned to enriching. And same way, don’t miss doing anything if you are convinced it is enriching.

~ H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda

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