Responsibility, a Spiritual Power

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June 27, 2017
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June 27, 2017
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Responsibility, a Spiritual Power

Responsibility is a spiritual power. Words are the material out of which you are built. How you feel about you is based on the words you use towards you. When you use consciously chosen words towards you and others, you will have such a powerful feeling about you. The powerful feeling you have about you comes from responsibility. The spiritual power of responsibility makes anything possible for you. I will expand on the individual’s responsibility to reach the space of possibility.

What is Responsibility?

Responsibility is living and responding to life from the truth that you are the source of everything and therefore, you are responsible for all happenings in you and around you.

First thing, know very clearly, what is it that you want. Do you want to cherish and enjoy the self-contradicting, conflicting, powerless space you are carrying now or do you want the space of anything is possible for you? First find that out within you. Sit with you; come to terms with whatever you are carrying. Look intensely at what you have and what you want.

Don’t Entertain Any Powerlessness

Whatever you want, know it very clearly that ‘You Can!’ There is no question of ‘You Can’t!’ You Can! You just need to know how it should be done. You only need the knowledge. There is no powerlessness. There is only knowledge-lessness. When you know what you need to achieve and where you are and you know it is possible, that is the space where responsibility grows. You know, ‘I will do it. I am doing it.’

What Destroys Your Sense of Responsibility?

You never take the responsibility because of your idea of ‘impossible’. When you think, it is impossible, you give up on you. You never take the responsibility for what you want, where you are, and how transformation can happen. If you know it will happen, it is possible, you just know how to take the responsibility and you take the responsibility. That’s all. Individual life is responsible. You only must take the responsibility to make things possible. Know continuously that things are possible.

There is nothing which can happen unless you want it, take the responsibility for it, and feel it is possible. This includes your negativities. What you now say you don’t want, for example – disease, feeling powerless, there was a time you felt it is possible. There was a time you took the responsibility to make it. You put your effort and persistence in it and succeeded.

Any powerlessness you are carrying in your being – guilt, feeling powerless, tired, you wanted it and created it, you took responsibility for it. You did it.

Don’t Allow Unconscious Responsibilities

The confidence you carry to handle you, feeling empowered, can be drastically increased when you change your actual belief, or pattern that you carried. When you change the actual root-pattern, you need to take the responsibility for all the unconscious responsibilities you took.

You always think powerful people are harmful, wealthy people are egoistic. So, you decide to be powerless to be harmless, you decide to be poor in order to be humble. The wrong associations you carry is the reason for unconscious responsibilities you take. If you want to be humble, you decide to take the responsibility of being poor. If you want to be harmless, you decide to make yourself powerless.

You can be powerful and harmless, rich and humble, famous but polite, popular but simple. It is possible. You can take the responsibility and align your whole inner being. It is very unfortunate, that your responsibility is so unconscious many times.

The 4 Step Process towards Harnessing the Power of Responsibility

  • Know that anything is possible for you.
  • Know very clearly what you want to become and what you are now.
  • Take the responsibility to become what you want to be.
  • You only need knowledge, not power, because you are never powerless. You are always powerful.

Responsibility is the key to Leadership Consciousness

Whenever you become tired of facing conflicts, contradictions, you don’t feel responsible, that is why tiredness happens to you. Ability to face conflicts, ability to encounter contradictions, ability to face problems, is one of the important qualities you need, to be a leader.

Feeling responsible gives you that power. It makes you a leader. Only if all the patterns which create panic, the root patterns which cause panic patterns in you; only when they are removed, you will have the ability to handle responsibility.

The pattern-free inner space, conflict-free inner space is such an important thing. When you have that, I guarantee, you will not be afraid of conflicts, contradictions, controversies; you will face them. Ability to face controversies is Leadership Consciousness.

~  H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda

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