The Science of Aushadha – Siddha Science Revived!

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You Are the Master Of Your Reality
August 4, 2017
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The Science of Aushadha – Siddha Science Revived!

To understand the science of Aushadha, understand this example: A light, such as the Sun, is reflecting on a mirror. If the mirror is pure, the mirror will reflect the Sun as it is. The reflection inside the mirror feels it is the Sun itself. But if the mirror is broken, the reflection cannot feel it is a pure reflection of the Sun. It is a distorted reflection of the Sun.

Here, the Sun is Sadashiva, the pure super consciousness, and the mirror is the system you are carrying; physical, physiological, and psychological all put together. If your system is not broken, it is a pure reflection. The reflection will feel it is Sadashiva itself. I will not say it is a crime, because there is no other component involved. You exist as Sun exists. You don’t exist when the Sun does not exist. If the Sun moves, you move. The Sun stays, you stay. So, reflection in the pure mirror feeling it is Sadashiva Himself is neither wrong nor completely reality. Surely it is not reality. Only when the reflection goes back to the source it is one and the same.

Why Is the Reflection Not Always Pure?

However, the reflection in the broken mirror cannot feel it is Sun because the other components are involved. Understand, the moment the mirror is broken, reflection is distorted. Sun may be round but the reflection will be – you don’t know. It is dependent on the distortion in the mirror. Understand, most of our body, physical, physiological psychological has become distorted. Sadashiva is reflecting on our body (matter), but because there are confusions in the matter, we start feeling even the reflection which we are feeling inside, is also having some confusion…superimposing the problems of the matter on the consciousness.

What is Aushadha?

The mirror you carry, when it is broken, distorted, disturbed, the reflection will not be pure. You need to heal that. Aushadha is the combination of herbs, prana, cosmic force energies – ultimately the Shaktipada of Sadashiva; combination of all these is Aushadha. When the consciousness gets mixed with the 5 elements, that is called energy. When the same consciousness gets mixed with the living body, it is called Kundalini Shakti. When I bring down the pure consciousness and mix it with these 5 elements, it is going to become energy, it will become Aushadha. When it is used as prescribed by the Agamas, Shastra Pramana, Apta Pramana and Atma Pramana, they heal the mirror you are carrying.

How Does Aushadha Work?

This Aushadha, will heal the mirror, will heal all the matter, will heal the cracks. So when the cracks are healed, the pure mirror sees the pure reflection, and naturally it realises, it is pure state of Sadashiva.

Even your mind is nothing but the subtle body. That is why if you pour alcohol in your body, your mind is immediately affected. Same way, if you pour the right Aushadha into your body, you will get out of all the delusion. So it is basically to give you access to the state of Sadashiva and then give you access to the 25 states of consciousness, then give you access to the space of Sadashiva. Then, ultimately, manifesting powers.

preparation of aushadha

The more the mirror is healed, the more the reflection becomes pure. More the reflection becomes pure, more Sadashivatva manifests. Understand, it all boils down finally to the integrity to the source. If the mirror is not distorted, it is integrated to the source. More distortion, more lack of integrity. Pure mirror experiencing pure reflection is what I call unclutched space, the space of Nirvikalpa samadhi, the space of complete Completion.

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