Stop feeding your Ego with Competition

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March 9, 2017
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March 9, 2017
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Stop feeding your Ego with Competition

Know Who is Sadashiva

The materialistic and consumeristic lifestyle makes you believe that you should be pushed by the competing-conquering pattern. If you move only by that, you will be pushed by powerlessness. You will be driven by powerlessness and incompletion, which will only cause pain and suffering in your life.

When you live with the competing-conquering pattern, you live with sickness. You will be driven by comparing yourself to others, by comparing how much other people have to what you have. And even if you finally get what others have, you will be suffering from everything you did to get there.

And even if you win, even if you are successful, you will not be a leader. Even if you win, it will be with pain and suffering. This pain and suffering will build your ego in you. Only fools suffer. Unfortunately, you lose your life already the moment you pick up the competing-conquering pattern. No matter how much you will do, or whatever you do, you land up being a fool. Only fools can be enrolled in that game. Who else would like to sit in front of a computer and making his heart beat going up and down based on the numbers he sees on his screen? This whole Wall Street will make you go up against the wall, nothing else.

Instead of getting into competition, get into the thought trend which makes you more and more powerful. Think into liberating yourself. Your mind is such a powerful tool. Awaken it. Use it. It can give you whatever you want.

What is Real Power?

Only in some foolish fields that competing-conquering pattern plays a role. There are two different things: illusory wealth and real wealth. Illusory wealth is created for the purpose of exchange, like currency and money. Real wealth is your house, your clothes or your jewellery.

Same way, there are “illusory powers” and “real powers”. “Illusory power” is like the power of a king who thinks he can do everything. But can’t make a small child stop crying. “Real powers” are your ability to live your life, to do what you want, to understand, to react and your ability to respond.

In illusory wealth and with illusory power, in those two fields competing and conquering is required. Nowhere else. Unfortunately, the two forces of “pseudo-power” and “pseudo-wealth” make the whole world believe, that you need to compete and conquer. Be aware, that there are tons of fields where a leader doesn’t need to be a winner. Where a person doesn’t need to compete or conquer. The economy should be thought and planned, based on real wealth. If we work on real wealth, the whole world will have everything we need. Easily, for 7 billion people, we could feed them, clothe them, house them and give them medical care.

This concept of pseudo-power, the concept of pseudo-money in multiple levels, it makes you believe that competing and conquering is necessary to be a leader and to be successful. In fact it will only make you a winner, but not a leader.

Leaders Don’t need Competition

The biggest blessing is when somebody finally makes you understand, that the competing-conquering pattern is not required for you to be a leader. It is not required to be successful. When this truth clicks with you, one of the biggest demons will leave you.

From the day one you have that clarity – that competing or conquering is not necessary – you will be complete. It makes you complete and all your contribution will be through creation. From the space of completion you will go on creating and contributing.

My request for the whole humanity is to boycott this competing-conquering pattern in your life. It is not required to be a leader. I request my disciples and devotees to pick up a field where the competing-conquering pattern is not the driving force for you. I promise you, your life will be joyful. Your life will be ecstatic. You will live a life in leadership and it will be a beautiful journey. Once you reach a goal, you will only feel more energetic then before because you have not suffered. You are not going to demand everyone to respect you. And the ego will not be there. When you don’t have ego, you will not torture others. Competing and conquering pattern makes you and others more and more weak. To be a leader, you don’t need to compete or conquer. Let completion be your driving force.

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