The Three Principles of Oneness

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March 9, 2017
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The Three Principles of Oneness

Shuddadvaitam. Sadashivatva. This truth of Oneness can be conveyed in just three statements, just three principles. I think, I won’t be wrong even if I say that these three statements are the essence of the whole Sanatana Hindu Dharma. These three statements are fundamental so they will not be new to you. I only need to expand these three to you.

Manifested can never be more powerful than the Manifestor

The first and foremost statement is that you are the ultimate even as you are now. Even if you think that you are manifesting all the wrong things, poverty, lack of joy, lack of love, lack of completion, lack of health, or whatever you may complain about, it is you who is manifesting all this so you can manifest whatever you want. Understand, You are the ultimate even when you think you are manifesting bondage, suffering or all the unnecessary things. Even while you are under the Maya, you are the ultimate because you manifest it. Manifested can never be more powerful than the manifestor.

Ability to manifest is what makes you ultimate, not what you manifest.

You are the ultimate not only when you are manifesting powers, even when you are manifesting powerlessness. Your powers cannot be more powerful than you. Your powerlessness cannot be more powerful than you. What is manifested cannot be more powerful than the source of manifestation. You just need to know and decide to manifest what you want.

Persist Till you Make It

The second statement, the science of the power of manifestation is Decision. Will persistence. Your decision and will persistence to manifest all the best things is the only thing you need to do to from your side to manifest powers, to manifest your ultimate reality. Actually, even if you are manifesting poverty, at one time you felt poverty is very cute and you decided to manifest it. If you are manifesting ill health, at sometime you visualized it is too cute to get attention from everyone so that is why you manifest it. Whatever you have now, at one point you felt all of them are cute to have and you forgot why you felt this. That forgetfulness makes you think you have something that you do not want, which is not true. Only if you know that you have something that you want, you will start respecting your ability to will. You need to have respect towards your ability to will and your will manifests.

Listen to this example. Hundred times you make a will to have poverty thinking it is a cute and sweet simple life. Suddenly you don’t feel comfortable with this life and now you make will to live in a rich palace, and the moment it doesn’t become a reality you start to doubt you will capacity. Not giving your time to your change of heart to manifest, not having will persistence and doubting the power of your will is what I call spiritual suicide. Doubting your will and having hatred towards it is self doubt and self hatred. Your self is nothing but your will. Your will is nothing but your present self. Having absolute control over your present gives you absolute control over your past and future.

Guru Happens to Make it a Reality

The third principle or statement that I will make is, Sadashiva is required in the form of a Guru just to make the above two statements as a reality for you, without being distracted and disturbed by other stupid ideas and theories. There will be many people to tell you that you are a sinner, a slave, an ordinary bound soul. To protect, defend and safeguard you from all these ideas, and to make the first two statements as a reality through shaktinipada, Sadashiva in the form of Guru is required.

Sadashiva comes down as Guru to make these two statements as reality for you and to protect you from all other stupid statements, because all other stupid statements seem very close to your heart. If somebody says that you are a sinner and that is why you are suffering, it immediately appeals to you logic. If somebody says that you are a slave and you are suffering because you are not an obedient slave and doing things that a slave should not do, it appeals to you. Listen! Appealing does not mean it is the truth. So to protect you from these ideas and to help and support you to manifest the first two statements as a reality in life is why Guru happens in you life.

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