You Are the Master Of Your Reality

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Kalpataru, The Space of Possibility
August 4, 2017
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September 5, 2017
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You Are the Master Of Your Reality

you are the master of your reality

I will expand on the power of being powerful and how being powerful always makes your space into reality. Feeling powerful, feeling strong and not allowing powerlessness in your inner-space is the key. One of the greatest lessons I learnt in my life is “Be Blissful”. When you are blissful, everything around you will happen in the best way, auspiciously, beyond your expectations. Continuously be blissful, be in a very powerful space, continuously raise yourself to that powerful space.


Completion is the Biggest Wealth

Why does powerlessness enter into you? It is nothing but some form of incompletion. One incompletion is enough to keep you powerless for your whole life. Do not allow even one incompletion in you. Bring yourself repeatedly to the space of Completion. The bad news is, you must practice repeatedly. The good news is, it is possible. The biggest wealth any human being can have is Completion.

Possibility Creates Reality

Now I give you the science of possibility – making what you want as reality. This is one of the very powerful science I received it from a great Master, who in turn received it from his Guru, which comes, may be, at least from the ten-thousand-years old Vedic Tradition. This is the science of making what you want as reality – creating a space for Possibility. Your mind is established in the space of impossibility because when you increasingly believe in “impossibility”, the delusion and illusion can exploit you.

Root-pattern Creates Default Future

When you are born, you are like a pure being that landed on planet earth. Once you form the root-patterns in you, you lose that space. ‘Root-pattern’ means, the deep identity which you create about you and others. Don’t think you carry only the identity of you; you also carry an identity of the world inside you and look at the world only through that. That is what I call “root-patterns”; the identity through which you see you and the world.

Through these root-patterns if you see the world, that is called “Agamya” (default future). Continuously seeing the world through the concept of impossibility, through your root-patterns is your “default future”. In Sanskrit, we call it “Agamya”.

Master of Your Reality

Rewrite your Future

This Agamya Karma will always be very destructive. If you complete with all the root-patterns, and create a new space of Completion, and live completing all your incompletions, that is living your ‘Prarabdha’. If you decide to take your life into your hands and rewrite your future, that is ‘Ishwaratva’, being a leader.

Being a leader means rewriting your future. I am not teaching you personality development. In personality development, how much ever you struggle, whether you win or lose, you will be struggling. For example, if you are trying to quit smoking, if you win, even after winning, you will be struggling to maintain that status of being a non-smoker. Whether you win or fail, you will continue to struggle with all personality development efforts. So, all personality development efforts lead you to more stress and more bondage.

I am not interested in doing personality development. I am interested helping you to rewrite your future, means, a total complete disconnect from your past root-patterns, from the past ideas you carry about you and world. Completely creating a new idea about you and life. This is what Krishna gives to Arjuna as a blessing of a divine vision.

Reality is what Occurs to You

The matter, the walls around you, the chair you are sitting, the house you are living, the matter around you is not reality. How that matter occurs to you is Reality. Whether you are in the temple or house, the wall is the same. But in the house, you feel that it is your house and the wall is yours. In the temple, it belongs to God. Matter may be same, but how it occurs to you is reality.

If the matter occurs to you causing pain and suffering, you are in hell. If matter occurs to you causing joy, completion, and fulfillment, you are in heaven. The good news is whatever way the matter occurs to you can be transformed. The same truth, for last ten thousand years, our Rishis are repeating; last ten years, I am repeating. How matter occurs to you is reality. No one else can change the way how matter occurs to you. No one else can interfere with your completion space.

No one can change the way how reality occurs to you. You are the master of your reality.
A man who stops with the idea of impossibility continues to be in the lower worlds, lower existence. A man who goes on making impossibilities into possibility achieves ‘Ishwaratva’ – Leadership Consciousness.

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