Enrich People with Power

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September 5, 2017
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Enrich People with Power

enrich people with power

Inner space of Completion is a requisite for being powerful and enriching others with power; empowering others. Leaders are those who hold this inner space of Completion. Only from this space, decision making is done without fear or greed. Then, it is all about producing in abundance and sharing it with the world. But when the decision makers are caught in fear and greed, then it is all about possessing and controlling. Wealth, handled with incompletion, will lead to possessiveness. Power, handled with incompletion, will become controlling.

Completion Empowers

A powerless man, when given power, will be only controlling; a poor man given wealth will only be possessing. A poor man doesn’t know how to live with wealth, he will just make a thick wall iron vault, put lock on it, sleep on it and die. And is this the purpose of wealth? And whole life is spend worrying, “will anybody know what I am keeping under my bed and steal it?” A poverty conscious man, even if he stumbles on wealth, cannot live. Incomplete man, even if he sees wealth, he is not going to enjoy or live it; he may possess it, he will not live it.

Same way, a powerless man, frightened, fear based person, even if he is given power, he will only be controlling it, he will not be expanding it. Person established in the space of Completion, even if he does not have wealth, he knows how to create and live. Person based on completion, even the small power given him, he knows how to enrich people with power. Enriching people with power.

Becoming Powerful

Completion based lifestyle is a requisite for leaders. Constantly empower yourself. Have Power. And, go on empowering people with power. Whichever field you empower people, you will become more and more powerful. Only by empowering musicians, you will be a great musician; only by empowering dancers, you will be a great dancer; only by empowering doctors, you will be a great doctor; only by empowering rich people, you will become a richer person, only by empowering more leaders, you will become a great leader, only by empowering more enlightened beings, you will be an incarnation. Empower people.

Life has no Hypocrisy

Empowering can happen only if you feel powerful, complete, inside. If you feel incomplete, empowering does not happen. When you are authentic in empowering people, you will become more powerful; when you are authentic enriching people, you will be more enriched. You may think, “No, no, I believe all this, but if I make him big, I will be small.” This hypocrisy will only make you smaller and smaller because life responds authentic way, life has no hypocrisy.

Enrich Others to Enrich Yourself

Whatever field you may choose, whatever good things you may have, it can be as simple as one handful of rice, to as much as the knowledge about different fields, whatever you may have, empowering, enriching, makes you more and more enriched, empowered. If you are a business man, support as many people as possible to become business men, you will become a great business man. If you are a musician, support as many people as possible to become a musician, you will become a great musician. Any field, only a completion-based person will feel empowering others, enriching others, enriches himself, empowers himself. Incompletion-based person will continuously possess.

Key to Being Powerful

If you possess out of greed, you will neither own or live. If you control out of fear, you will neither have power, you won’t even have the people who you are controlling under you. And, if you share out of richness, you will have more and more. If you empower out of powerfulness, you will have more and more powers.

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