Introduction to Completion

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April 28, 2017
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Introduction to Completion

Whenever you talk to yourself, there is a part of you disrupting you constantly – which is called an “incompletion”. It is a compulsive pattern that keeps you from manifesting what you want. For example you want to achieve something, but your inner voice is making fun of you or reminding you constantly about your past failures. One of the biggest problem with incompletions is that you will not be able to settle with you. Constantly you will be having kind of a “life imprisonment” experience and because of that incompletion, you will not be able to live with integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching. Once in a while, you ask yourself, ‘What am I doing? What is going on? Am I on the right direction? Will I be on the right direction? Is this okay?’ The more number of times you do self-assessing, more you will be self-centred. It is an incompletion which gives you this insecurity, makes you do self-assessing again and again.

Science of CompletionSM: Altering your Past to Alter your Future

“Reliving your past, with a new understanding, deciding not to repeat past mistakes, incompletions and patterns in the future is completion.”

Human-beings are made to believe that past cannot be altered. Completion is the only method where you can even alter your past! You need to know, if past cannot be altered, future also cannot be altered! Your attitude towards the past and your attitude towards the future, will be the same. If you think you were powerless in your past, you will be powerless in your future also! Your inner space experiences past and future in the same language, in the same way. Incidents, your perceptions and your self-assessments, these are the pillars on which your past is built. If you complete yourself now, your perception and self-assessments, means 66% of your past will be burnt! Then, can your past stand as it is now? No! It will just be with facts. So, your past will lose its power over you. Your past will be transformed. That is the way your future will be transformed.

Mahadeva’s definition of Completion – Shaastra Pramana

Original Text From Vedic Scriptures

देवदेव त्रिशूलाङ्क कपालकृतभूषण
दिग्देशकालशून्या च व्यपदेशविवर्जिता॥ २२॥


devadeva triśūlāṅka kapālakṛtabhūṣaṇa |
digdeśakālaśūnyā ca vyapadeśavivarjitā || 22 ||


“Look at your past, dis identified; let attention be at a place where you are seeing some past happening; and even your form having lost its present characteristics is transformed.”

Completion is removing the delusion of incompletion, which makes you cognize the other is separate from you. Only with completion, you become one integrated being, all your inner space, body, mind, everything comes under your control, everything comes under you, becomes you, part of you. Without completion, you can’t even be one being.

Completion is a Decision

Just by your decision, you can be complete! If you can be in the space of completion just by your decision, you are living enlightenment. If you are able to achieve the Completion space, just by the decision ‘I am complete’, the spontaneous completion, and the incompletions don’t come back into your inner-space again and disturb you at all, you are free! If you are living in this space, you are living enlightenment.

Go on completing! Take completion as your lifestyle, breathing. Because, completion brings stability! Completion brings intelligence! Completion brings knowledge! Completion brings so much of clear space in your brain, you can remember right things. Completion brings so much of completion in your brain, you will forget all the wrong things; all the negative things will not have power over you!

Completion is life!

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