Be Your Own Boss: Integrate Your Time, Energy and Life

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March 9, 2017
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March 9, 2017
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Be Your Own Boss: Integrate Your Time, Energy and Life

be your own boss

What is your work to you? Do you celebrate it and consider it your dream and passion? Or do you consider your work as just a means to an end? This understanding is very important to have a fulfilling life.

Many people consider their work as a regular 9-to-5 job and spend only their time in it, not their life and energy. They know how to manage their bosses, how to draw enough salary and get promotions, getting very less work done. You may think that you can cheat your work and boss this way and it won’t affect you. But, please note that it will directly affect your life and consciousness.

People who spend only their time in their work are ordinary workers. You should either be fulfilling your dreams or else someone else will hire you to fulfill theirs. When you work for others, very cunningly, you master the art of separating time, energy and life. This will break your life into multiple pieces and will not fulfil you. Only people who have a deep self-doubt works for others. Spending only your time in your work is equivalent to a slow, prolonged suicide.

Time Is Not Money

Poor are those who for whom 9-to-5 is only time and not life. Time is not just money, Time is Life. ‘Time is money’ is a big lie told by the regular bosses. The truth is ‘Time is Life’. Your superiors will be okay when they can handle you. But your bosses or superiors will feel threatened when you start putting your energy and life in your work. That is how the hiring-firing mechanism works.

Instead, be your Boss! Integrate your time, energy and Life. Then what you do will be an art, you’ll be celebrating the art and the art will be celebrating you. It will be your own extension. You will put your energy and life in your time only when you are the ultimate beneficiary. Your boss should be only the customers whom you serve.

It may be a struggle in the first few months to stabilize your work. But take it up as a one-or-two year project. You put life into something only when you own it. You’ll force yourself to put your life in your work. You’ll feel tremendous confidence and self-respect in what you built by yourself. Your self-doubt will melt down.

Do What You Love!

In the modern day, working for someone else is almost a crime. There are billions of opportunities to start your own business. Micromanaging your outer space is success, micromanaging your Inner space is Enlightenment. You’ll do such much good to your Consciousness. You’ll feel blessed that you lived your life.

Do what you love. Free all your energy into doing what you love. Your life will flow towards it. You’ll be celebrating what you are doing, and what you do will be celebrating you. That is Completion.

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