Be Unclutched to be a Leader

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March 9, 2017
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March 9, 2017
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Be Unclutched to be a Leader

To become the lord / leader of your life you need to raise your consciousness – you then become Ishwara (God) for yourself and your life. Becoming Ishwara of your own life is the basic necessity for every human being. Being unclutched is a powerful, self-sufficient guide to upgrade your consciousness.

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Be Unclutched – The Technique

When a thought raises in you, without supporting it, encouraging it, entertaining it, or being entertained by it, relaxing from it.

Seeing Reality as it Happens

If you start relaxing from the thoughts which are raising, you will experience freedom from the identity which you created. This heals thousands of wounds, millions of possibilities for pain, suffering you are carrying inside.

Your inner space, your mind is made up of many independent thoughts. But unfortunately, you don’t have awareness to look at your mind as it is. Buddha says very beautifully “original mind is Nirvana”. Mind as it happens is already Unclutched. But unfortunately, you pick up from the independent thoughts and create your own short and narrow idea about your life. You don’t look at your mind and at your life as it is happening. You either try to believe your whole life was pain or sometimes you try to believe your whole life was joy.

Unclutching not only changes the way you perceive the reality, it transforms the reality itself. It touches the source from where the perceiver and perceived both come out. There are many methods, techniques which works only on the seer not the scene. Unclutching is the technique which works on the source from which seer and the scene both comes out.

9 Levels of Unclutching

The following are the nine different levels of unclutching that you can practice:

  1. Unclutching from your outer world
    • When you have problems related to name, fame, money, if you unclutch, you will lose the problems and suffocations and stress, sufferings created in you because of them. When the problems, suffocations, stress is removed, suddenly you have a pure inner space where you can create whatever you want in the outer world.
  2. Unclutch from the outer world identities
    • Unclutch from the identities you carry, social identity, professional identity, racial identity, national identity… you will see so much of peace, joy, bliss happening in you. Universal intelligence awakens in you the moment you unclutch from low level identities.
  3. Unclutching from thoughts, verbalization and visualization happening inside
    • When you look in, the verbalization, the visualization happening in you, are all thoughts. Unclutch from verbalization and visualization both. You will see extraordinary powers expressing in you. You will become a Yogi.
  4. Unclutch from your emotions, pain and pleasure
    • When you unclutch from pain and pleasure, not only you are free from it, even your health improves drastically.
  5. Unclutching from inner world identities
    • Unclutch from Ahamkara and Mamakara. Ahamkara means the idea you project about yourself to others. Mamakara means the idea you believe about you as you inside you. Your whole life is nothing but the fight between the Ahamkara and Mamakara. Unclutch from both the identities.
  6. Unclutch from the bio-memories
    • Unclutch from the very patterns you are carrying. Pattern of depression, pattern of pain, pattern of irritation, patterns of suffering, patterns of your own ideas. You need to realize the Truth, that you are alone and there is no enemy. If you are alone, how can there be enemy? Only if there are somebody else there can be enemies. If you unclutch from the patterns to the extent till you realize there are no patterns in reality. In reality you are alone and just existing (Kevala).
  7. Unclutch from body
    • When you unclutch from your body, thousands of disorders you create by yourself like arthritis, blood pressure, all these completely disappear.
  8. Unclutch from time
    • Unclutch from the ideas of day, night, morning, evening, midnight. Unclutch from the idea of boredom, feeling restless. Time is a greatest myth you are carrying in your life. That is the worst conditioning you are carrying. Actually, there is no such thing as Time. Sun rises and sets, Moon rises and sets. Stars move, planet moves, life moves. That’s all. Where is Time? You rise, live, disappear. That’s all. Where is Time?
  9. Unclutching from the very idea ‘I’.  
    • Unclutch from the very idea ‘I’, the ’I’, ‘I’, ‘I’. The very idea ‘I’ is the source of everything you experience, you perceive.

In every level of Unclutching, in every aspect of Unclutching, you will experience some new, free dimension of you. You will experience some extraordinary experiences or expressions. All the auspicious things of life and beyond life is achieved just by this one process – Unclutching.

You can start in any of these nine levels. Because of the benefits and experiences you will have, simply you will move to next, next, next levels and experience all nine levels.

Guaranteed Solution For You

Unclutching is a complete technique for you. If you have problems related to your health, wealth, mind and the mental health, your relationships, emotions, your consciousness, the solution is ‘be unclutched’.

Unclutching makes you a leader because when you unclutch, trillions of cells in your brain are awakened. Your highest inner potential energy, dormant cosmic energy awakens to its peak.

Be Unclutched.

Be Blissful.

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