Completion with Pain Patterns and Addictions

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July 3, 2017
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Completion with Pain Patterns and Addictions

The root pattern is the very first incompletion developed at a young age, from which more and more patterns develop.

I will give you a simple example for root-thought-pattern:
In the young age, if your mother teaches you, ‘Don’t go in the rain; you will catch cold!’; at that age your immune system is naturally yet to be developed; but even after you are twenty-five, when your immune system is in its peak, you don’t even go in the rain, you just see the rain through the window, you start sneezing, ‘Hutchooooo!’. What you internalized in a very young age, what you cognized in a very young age, which has imbalanced your nature, is root-pattern. What you cognized in a very young age, and which has imbalanced your nature, is root-pattern, Your natural existence is root-pattern. Get your root-thought-pattern and complete with it.

Pain patterns are like small side-effects and after effects of root pattern. If you complete with the root pattern, you can be sure it will not grow again; it will not repeat again itself in your life. But, the many side-effects of root pattern already created in your body, they also need to be completed. For example: Because of root pattern, so many permanent damages are done to your body and mind, for example, like diabetes, high blood pressure, constant restlessness. All this has become part of your lifestyle.

Permanent Damage to Your Lifestyle Needs to be Undone

Even if you burn the root pattern, these permanent damages done to your lifestyle like diabetes, high blood pressure, constant irritation mood, depression, all these will go away only when you work on all the pain patterns created by root patterns. See, once you burn the root pattern, it will not come back again and repeat in your life. But what about the many permanent damages done to your body all these years because of the root pattern? Those are all called pain patterns. If you burn your root pattern, you will not be out of your diabetes immediately, you will not be out of your high blood pressure; you will have to complete with all the pain patterns, which is the ripple effect of the root patterns in you.

Completion with pain patterns, we call this process “Samskaara Dahana Kriya”. Once you do this process and complete it, after today, from tomorrow, you don’t need to sit and do completion. Just through your decision, you will be complete! If you can be in the space of Completion just by your decision, you are living Enlightenment, understand? If you need to sit and do Completion and complete, do the Completion process every day, and relieve and complete, you are a Seeker. If you are able to achieve the Completion space just by the decision I am complete the spontaneous completion, and the incompletions don’t come back into your inner-space again and disturb you at all, you are free! If you are living in this space, you are living Enlightenment, understand! That is why this Samskaara Dahana Kriya, burning the pain patterns, is very, very important! Burning the pain patterns is very, very important! Samskaara Dahana Kriya is very, very important!

Completion with Addictions

I will define “addiction”: When you do it, you won’t find any big benefit; when you don’t do it, you will find a great missing feeling. That is addiction. Most of the time you smoke, you will drink, expecting they will give you the feel good feeling. When you smoke, you won’t find any great pleasure; but when you don’t smoke, you will find a great emptiness.

I have seen people coming and telling me: “Swamiji, I forgot, not that I am struggling, I just forgot some of my twenty, ten years, fifteen years of addiction!” Not just smoking and drinking, there are some addictions like unless you read the newspaper, you cannot go to one-two-three (one-two-three in India means, going to the loo, emptying your bowels and bladder). People have strange addictions, you don’t know! The psychological addictions! People think if they see a black cat, the thing for which you are going for will not work out! Black cat is not that intelligent to know what for you are going, where you are going, and appear in front of you and give you warning signal! If black cat is crossing you, it is an animal in search of its food; that’s all! Why are we attributing too much of intelligence to black cat?

I tell you, so many things which terrorize you in your life will not even have place in your life; you won’t even remember them in your life once you complete with all the pain patterns, once the Samskaara Dahana Kriya is done. It is like if you are terrorized even seeing the photograph of a snake, you will be so comfortable even if you see the snake in front of you. I don’t mean you will go and put your hand in its mouth, but there won’t be any panic attack.

For instructions on Samskaara Dahana Kriya, watch this video:

To learn more about completion, watch this video:


Shaastra Pramana

cittadyanta kitir nasti mamantar-bhavayediti |
vikalpanam abhavena vikalpairujjhito bhavet || 94 ||

ShivaJnana Upanishad, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra – 94th verse, 22nd technique.

Just consciously feel within, that the mind-stuff (citta) of past memories of incompletion, with its activities as mind, intellect, and ego are not existing in me.

Translation: By contemplating this way in your inner-space, dis-identify from the past impressions and the memories of incompletion. Put your active attention at the space of the past happening, relive these imagined impressions and memories of incompletion. Then the mind-stuff, having fully ceased from its present characteristics of forming thought-patterns and cognitions, is complete. Thus, you become complete and achieve the original space of complete completion.

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