Key to Conflict Free Decision Making

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March 8, 2017
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Key to Conflict Free Decision Making

What is right decision making? It as simple as seeing the past as past, future as future, present as present and deciding without infusing the past into future or future into past. Many time, what you want in the future, you start dreaming you had it in the past. You go on dreaming you had a golden childhood. Every individual again and again and again goes on dreaming if he is in the old age he feels his middle age was great, golden. If he is in the middle age he feels his youth was great and golden. If he is young now, he thinks his childhood was great and golden. This is one of the biggest illusion we have. Not only do you project your past into the future, you project your future into the past.

See the Past as Past

Understand, if your childhood was golden, then youth would have been golden, or diamond. If your youth was golden, than your middle age should have been diamond! Not only do you project your past into the future, you go on imagining your past was what you want in the future. You don’t decide in the present, instead you just execute what you decided in the past. You forget you are in a different situation. You need to decide being in the present, not go on executing the decision you made in the past. Do not be a worker executing your past decisions. Be a leader deciding every moment.

Sometimes you make some decision by mistake, you sit and think pros and cons, make one decision.  After that you forget you have a component in you which has the capacity to decide. And go on executing that past decision. By the time you are executing 50% the whole situation is different. So the right decision making means, these two thing. See the past as past and see the future as future. Making decisions from the present is what I call right decision making.

Cosmic Truths About Time

I’ll expand little more on this truths of time, Kaala so that you will be able to understand this truth of right decision making – the psychological time and chronological time. Chronological means the clock ticking. All of you know one unit of time or one second, there are so many definitions. But in the psychological field, gap between one thought and the other thought is one unit of time. When there is more gap, means there is less number of thoughts, each unit of time will be more clear, more available, more spacious, so all your 5 senses can perceive it. If the psychological one unit of time is 4 times more than physical one unit of time, your senses will be purified. Because your senses will have sensitivity to perceive. If your psychological one unit of time is five times more than physical unit of time you will enter into the divine space.

This should be the basic lesson taught to all the beings which have an independent, intelligent brain. When a child is able to think independently the first lesson you need to teach it is how to make 4 unit of physical time into one unit of psychological time. He then knows how to run his life. When you are able to make 5 unit of physical time, physical unit into one psychological unit, time, means 5 second gap between one thought and the other thought. Then you will start experiencing the divine.

You can be Kaala Bhairava!

If your psychological unit is less than physical unit, one second, your time is not solid experience, it is kind of a air. That is what is called pralaya, black hole. Everything being sucked into it and nothing is delivered. But when more units of physical time become one psychological time unit, your future becomes very solid. Solid which you can perceive, use and do what you want with it. That is the material out of which your dream and waking state is made.

Now, whatever you perceive, the person who are sitting next to you, the person who is sitting opposite you, the place in which you are sitting, or in your imagination the places you are able to remember, all that is like it is made out of a wax, which is called time. If you have a deep insecurity of melting this wax, you will hold on to it even if this wax is torturing you. Even if the structure you created is binding you. But if you do not have that fear to melt this wax building you created, wax world you created out of you, you are called Kaala Bhairava.

A person who’s psychological unit of time is more than 4 second, will not only have freedom to carve, create his future, he will have healed emotions. Means he will just have a deep complete centering on emotion. Living without getting attached, renouncing without having attachment. The complete conflict free inner space. So work on seeing your past as past, future as future, present as present. Any decision you make in the present, will be the present to you by the presence.

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