Mastering Logic – Spiritual Powers of the Length Dimension

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July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017
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Mastering Logic – Spiritual Powers of the Length Dimension

The length dimension is like a library. If somebody is initiated into length, you can get information. You can play with information. Actions, for example, can be done in depth, like materialization. Feelings and creativity is done in breadth dimension. You can get information about “What’s the size of the circumference of the Mars?“ or “What’s the distance between Earth and Mars?“.

The Balasanths were giving a precise answer to all those questions. The answers came faster than if you would look it up on Google.

When Does It Not Work?

The biggest lesson you need to learn is this: digging deep. When things don’t work, don’t change the method. When people choose me as a Guru and something doesn’t work out, they are not ready to dig deep with me. They quickly change the method instead of digging deep. It is like “Oh, next shop, next solution.” When you approach me with that kind of utility, you will never be able to explore my depths. The Balasanths know, that if something is not working, it is nobody’s fault. They just know that they need to dig deep. They just need to sleep over it. They just need to sit over it. They just need to spend little time over it. That’s all.

Anyone who wants to manifest powers needs to learn will-persistence without changing the methodology or the Guru.

How Does the Power Manifest?

The process of initiation is a science. First the initiation happens, where I initiate the Balasanths, into length and breadth. After initiation, it takes at least 21 hours until it settles in the body and becomes reality. First, everybody who is initiated, practices the length. Once this is mastered, then I move to breadth.

It is also about the atmosphere which is created. In the school system we make children anxious, nervous and phobic by tests and exams. But there is something beyond the understanding of knowledge. There is direct access to all knowledge. Direct access to multiplication of 10 digit numbers and dividing them again by 8 digit numbers. So they just have to ask and it is answered. For example, they can know all graphs, all weather forecast graphs or precisely drawing stock market graphs.

Can I Manifest Powers?

If it were the right belief that you are not able to manifest powers, then I wouldn’t have happened. If it is only possible for one person, for one group or for one community, religion or human being, then I wouldn’t have to be here. But the fact that I am here, is the biggest “Yes” for everything. I am here to not only to say “yes”. I am here to make it happen for you.

You did some damage to yourself. That takes a few days to heal and recover you. But apart from that, it is possible for you. And I will make it happen. Not only for the Balasanths, for all of you.

It all boils down to simple integrity training. You can decide integrity with simple things. Like to morning routine I gave you. Do Yoga, do Puja, be integrated to that. Start with that and this itself will break years of non-integrity pattern. If you see a dark room, which was in darkness for ten thousand years, you only need one lamp to light it. You don’t need another ten thousand years, one lamp is enough. So it’s all that simple basic integrity, is all needed to break the non-integrity pattern and start the power manifestation.

Shaastra Pramaana

śaktisandhāne śarīrotpatti 1- 19

Shiva Sutra, sutra 1.19


By aiming and fixing the self on Shakti, uniting in Oneness with the supreme power, the embodiment of that which is cognized and willed manifests at once in its length, breadth, depth, and time and space dimension.

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