The Difference Between Siddhis and Shaktis

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July 2, 2017
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The Difference Between Siddhis and Shaktis

siddhis and shaktis

To understand the difference between Siddhis and Shakthis, one needs to understand the tradition or source from where they originate. The concept of Siddhi is from Yoga Vedanta Sampradaya (tradition) given by Patanjali who is a disciple of Sadashiva. The truth of Shakti is from Agama Sampradaya which was given by Sadahiva himself to his divine consort Devi.
The Yoga Pada (path of yoga), Patanjali shared was the Ashtanga (eight limbed) path which was based on his understanding of Sadashiva’s teachings and was customised for the people who were living in that era. Whereas Sadashiva’s Yoga Pada is Shastanga (six limbed) which is recorded in our Vedaagamas.

One needs to be clear that both paths lead to enlightenment. But the flavour of the journey is completely different.

What is a Siddhi (extraordinary ability)?

The context that you entangle during your spiritual practice is of utmost importance. If your yoga teacher says that you have an individual identity, ego, that needs to be purified, and you need to reach a destination called “soul”, you will entangle with this thought current and throughout your whole life you will be proceeding in that thought current. On this path, when the ego is manifesting higher and higher experiences, those experiences are called Siddhis.

What is a Shakti (extraordinary power)?

In this path, the very thought current you are entangled with, is directly from Sadashiva, and it starts with Oneness. Here, it is very clear, if you feel that you have a lower identity, it is only considered as a disorder, but not as existential truth. If you are entangling, getting initiated, having Shaktini Pada with a Guru, you are Sadashiva and if anywhere it is not manifesting, it is just a blind spot, you just need to clean it up. That is going to be your reality.

The basis of the Shaktini Pada itself, is Oneness; Sadashivatva; Shivoham. That is the basic understanding from where the Shaktini Pada, the entanglement starts. Increasingly you start getting entangled with this truth, more and more powers manifest. When you manifest powers, you get increasingly entangled with the original truth. Shaktis (powers) are side effects of the entanglement with the original truth.

Some are paranoid that science like Third Eye will stop our growth towards enlightenment. This is not true. I want the following important truths to be understood.

Do Siddhis Distract You from Enlightenment?

Patanjali speaks about Siddhis as destruction for enlightenment because the methodology he provides is you will manifest these powers, when you are travelling towards enlightenment. That is the science based on what Patanjali is offering. In this path, Siddhis are a distraction.

Shaktis Empower and Manifest from Enlightenment

There is one more science by Sadashiva, much before Patanjali, called Shastanga Yoga. In this Yoga Pada, extraordinary happenings manifest only from the space of Oneness. They do not manifest on the way to enlightenment. Sadashiva calls them Shaktis, not Siddhis. So the science I am following is from the Yoga Pada of Sadashiva. The more you experience enlightenment and Oneness, the more you will manifest powers. What I am presenting to the world is not Siddhis as presented by Patanjali, it is Shaktis as described by Sadashiva. What I am offering to the world; what the Gurukul kids are manifesting – third eye reading, distance vision, scanning bodies are not Siddhis as described in Patanjali Yoga Sutras. They are Shakthis as described by Sadashiva in Shastanga Yoga in Agamas’ Yoga Pada. Sadashiva clearly describes that these Shakthis do not stop anyone from reaching enlightenment. They manifest powers only when the person is rooted in the enlightened state. The tradition that my Gurus taught me is Sadashiva’s Agamas. It is based on Upanishads, practiced as Agama. Shaktis are not towards Oneness but manifest from Oneness. It is from enlightenment.

Manifesting Shaktis is a Science

When it comes to prevention of disease or maintaining health or curing, or having the best mental setup, peace or joy or ecstasy, being far away from depression, handling life, including manifesting extraordinary powers, everything is available in the original source text Vedaagamas.

Whatever I am doing is bringing life back, reviving the original science as expressed in Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Whatever experience I had, by my Gurus’ grace (Atma Pramana), I acid wash them with Apta Pramana (experience of ancient masters) and Shastra Pramana (scriptural references). Whatever stands after the acid wash, I share them with the world, which becomes Sakshi Pramana (experience of the disciple).

With the Gurukul kids and other initiated disciples manifesting these powers across the world, we have now clearly established beyond any doubt that manifesting Shakthis is a clear science.
O humanity! I am ready with the science. Come to my home – Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, Bengaluru Adheenam – and make it your experience.


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